Alarm Control Panel

The control unit is the main part of the alarm and is usually situated in the hall. The control unit works jointly from the mains supply and a rechargeable battery. It processes signals from the various detectors and sensors and operates the sounders, keypads and detectors. 


The keypad is usually placed in the hall or beside any entry point. It is used to turn on and off the alarm.

External Bell 

The external  bell will provide mechanical and weather protection for the warning sounder located inside the bell box. The bell box will be protected against unauthorised tampering or attack. External sounders operate for 15 minutes and are fitted with a strobe light.

Internal Sounder

The internal sounder will provide a very loud audible warning inside the premises. 

Door / Window Contact (Magnetic Reed Switch)

These sensors are used where detecting the opening of a window or door. They activate by the opening of the door or window.

PIR (Passive Infra Red Sensor)

Passive Infra-Red sensors detect movement of heat, by looking at the room in Infra-red. The detector lens splits the room up into 10+ areas and any movement of heat between these areas will cause an activation.

Dual-Tech Detector

This is two different technology detectors built into the same unit, most common is PIR / Microwave Detector.

Shock Sensors (vibration sensor)

Shock sensors are placed on windows. They activate by picking up on breaking glass or an intruder trying to force open a window. Activating before an intruder gets into your home.

Panic Button (PA)

Deliberately operated by a push button and reset via a key, this device is used to activate the alarm at any time, whether the control unit is switched on or off.

Back up Battery

The alarm panel uses a backup battery for if your electricity fails. It can support the system for up to 12 hours to keep your alarm working when the power in your home fails.



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